When should I seek services from a Speech Language Pathologist?

 If you answer yes to any of the following signs or symptoms, your child or loved one might benefit from speech therapy services. Please call us to see how we can help! 



  • Is your 2 year old non verbal?
  • Is your child not initiating interaction or pointing to communicate?
  • Does your child have a difficult time following simple verbal instructions?
  • Does your child have limited vocabulary skills either understanding or labeling?
  • Does your child seem to have trouble communicating his/ her wants or needs?
  • Is your child difficult to understand?
  • Does your child often mispronounce consonants in words (e.g. Saying “tar” instead of car or “pish” instead of Fish)?
  • Does your child demonstrate atypical behaviors or poor social skills?
  • Does your child have difficulty with reading or writing?
  • Does your child's voice sound different or unusual (e.g. breathy, hoarse, strained, high pitched, too soft or too loud etc.)?
  • Does your child struggle to get words out when trying to express him/herself?
  • Does your child demonstrate any difficulty with feeding or swallowing (e.g. avoiding textures/tastes, coughing or gagging on food, ineffective chewing or swallowing, wet or gurgly vocal quality when eating, prolonged meal times etc)


  • Has your loved one recently had a stroke or head injury and they now have difficulty with communication or cognitive skills?
  • Is their speech slurred or difficult to understand?
  • Are they having difficulty understanding simple questions or following simple directions?
  • Are they having difficulty naming items or formulating simple sentences?
  • Are they using nonsense words or jargon in their speech?
  • Are they stuttering or having difficulty initiating speech?
  • Are they having difficulties due to problems or changes with their voice?
  • Are they having any trouble swallowing food or liquids?
  • Are they having difficulty with memory, attention, problem solving, organization, or judgment?
  • Are they neglecting their right or left side?

What should I expect on my first visit to The Therapy Place?

Making an appointment
When calling for your appointment, please be prepared to provide us with your name, date of birth, and insurance plan and identification # so we can check your eligibility and benefits for speech therapy. It is our policy that all patients receive a doctor's referral for all medically related services. This can be faxed directly to our office by your health service provider. 

Forms and Identification
In order to serve you better, The Therapy Place requires that you fill out a few forms on your first visit including a detailed health history, insurance information, and acknowledgement of clinic policies. For your convenience these forms  can be sent to you via email prior to your first appointment. Please bring your insurance card and identification on the day of your evaluation.  

If you have not filled out forms prior to your visit, our office will provide you with an arrival time for filling out forms.  Once registration is completed, a thorough evaluation will be conducted by one of our speech pathologists. Evaluations can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Following the evaluation, if determined that speech therapy services are indicated we will go over a plan of care and therapy schedule that is best for you.

Will insurance cover the services?

 As a courtesy, our front office staff is able to assist in obtaining general information about your eligibility and benefits for services. We  provide you with the information that is provided to us, however it is the patient’s responsibility contact your insurance company to verify your own eligibility and benefits for our services. 

A quote of benefits and or authorization by our office does not guarantee that your insurance will cover your services.  Payment is  subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the member’s contract at the time of service.  If you have any concerns about your service coverage always contact your insurance company prior to your visit. 

Meet our TEAM

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Adult & Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist 

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